Stonedine Cookware

Stonedine non-stick cookware (commonly known as Stoneline) has become a 'must have' in countless households around the world. This fantastic cookware provides cooks with a simple way to cut harmful fats and body fat while retaining the full flavor of the food.  

Stonedine pots and pans are all extremely tough and at the same time look sleek.

Stonedine cookware is constructed from a non-stick stone cooking material allowing you the luxury of cooking paper-thin crepes and omelets without worrying about them sticking to the surface. Without using any oil or fat, you can even sear and brown food very efficiently so it becomes crunchy on the outside but hot and stays full of vitamins and minerals on the inside. In fact, melted cheese could even slide off the surface of this Stonedine cookware set, such is its non-stick quality. 

 And the taste! Nothing could taste better than meals baked on this brilliant Stonedine cookware. This super-tough  cookware incorporates luxurious, chef-quality design with a diamond non-stick exterior. Additionally, the bases of these pans are magnetized and allow you to cook on gas, electrical or induction hobs and allow for an equal distribution of heat whilst cooking. 

It is really important that you season your Stonedine pots and pans before using them for the first time. All you have to do is wash them  in  warm soapy water,  air dry the Stonedine cookware naturally and when dry, wipe over with a small amount of cooking oil on a paper towel. Your pans are now ready to use.

Stonedine cookware